Civil Society

Our knowledge hub is a platform that centralizes and facilitates the sharing and utilization of knowledge and expertise for the benefit of individuals, organizations, or communities.

Useful Links & Documents

No# Description National / International ?
1 International
2 Supporting Civil Society Networks
3 EPDN brochure National
4 SADC regional dialogue with Non-State Actors
5 Models to Promote cooperation National
6 what other Southern African CSOs do
7 ECOWAS democracy agenda International
8 NRWA: Namibian Rural Womens Association National
9 International
10 Atvetin National
11 Code for African civil society International
12 NHAG and SDFN: Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia National
13 Parliamentary oversight and CSO's International
14 Presentation of NANGOF
15 Universal Basic Income Grant National
16 NACSO: National
17 Presentation of Museums Association of Namibia National
18 Review outcome of the Government of Namibia's civic organisation policy from 2006
19 NAFSAN: Nutrition And Food Security Alliance Namibia National
20 African Cultures and Leadership International
21 Training Manual for CSO'S
22 Access to information act National
23 Men Engage Namibia National
24 NECCSO: Namibia Education Coalition of Civil Society Organizations National
25 Presentation of NANLO
26 Presentation of Hardap CSO Network National
27 NCE: Namibia Chamber of Environments National
28 What is an enabling Environment for CSO's National
29 CSO interventions to enhance parliamentary oversight International
30 Transnational liaison office as a tool for success National
31 Presentation of TUCNA
32 The role of CSOs in the budget process
33 ENOSI Christian Churches National
34 Developing a code of conduct for ngo's International
35 Council of Churches-CCN National
36 Presentation no2 of NANASO
37 Civic +264 National
38 CSO and Government cooperation handbook National
39 Presentation of NANASO
40 Participatory democracy and Political Participation
41 NFPDN: National Federation of Person living with Disability Namibia National