European Union

Welcoming Remarks by Silke Höfs , Programme Manager, EU Delegation to Namibia during the closing event “Strengthening the roles of CSOs and women in democracy”, implemented by KAS, 14 June 2023

The European Union views civil society as an efficient and independent development actor – a force of change, I might add. An empowered and diverse civil society is a crucial component of any democratic society. It helps to strengthen pluralism and can contribute to more effective policies focusing on equitable, sustainable and inclusive growth. A capacitated civil society is able to articulate the citizens' concerns and respond to some of their pertinent demands.

The European Union promotes the engagement of Namibian civil society in the policy making process and in the country's long term development. We exchange on a regular basis, through projects like these, through sectoral dialogue, or bilaterally. Complementary to our broad project based support to CSOs in various sectors, we are also funding a Technical Assistance which, under the leadership of the National Planning Commission, is tasked with “Enhancing participatory democracy in Namibia”, to bring together CSOs, Parliament and Government and which aims at promoting an enabling environment for CSOs.