The Parliament

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Useful Links & Documents

No# Description National / International ?
1 Parliamentary Oversight Defined International
2 Parliament and child protection International
3 Guidelines for parliamentarians on budgeting SDGs_EN_LR International
4 ICT TOOLs for Parliament International
5 Synthesis paper ownership accountability
6 ICT TOOLS Parliamentary Libraries-e International
7 Relations between civil Society and Parliament International
8 Youth Parliament-international context
9 National Assembly Strategic Plan 2023-2027 National
10 The Parliament of the Republic of Namibia
11 Parliaments Effectiveness Guidance Note - First Edition
12 Parliament and The Sustainable Development Goals National
13 Parliamentary Oversight- A self-assessment toolkit National
14 Youth Parliament Project from IDEA
15 IPU Parliamentary oversight National
16 IPU Parliamentary mandate National
17 Inter parliamentary union Parliamentary oversight tools International
18 ODI Accountability PAC SAI 3466 National
19 Parliament and Gender budget National
20 Global Parliamentary Report International
21 Policy Brief Requirements for Proposals to make laws National
22 Children's Parliament and Children's Council World vision programmes International
23 IPU Youth report National
24 Parliaments power to hold government to account
25 Orientation Handbook for Parliamentarians National
26 Children's Parliament and Guide Book International
27 The changing nature of parliamentary representation
28 European Youth Parliament International
29 Parliament Practice UNESCO International
30 Parliaments and Democracy International