Namibian Government

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Useful Links & Documents

No# Description National / International ?
1 Ministry of Education Arts And Culture National
2 National safe schools framework Guide National
3 Citizen's guide to national budget Ministry of FInance National
4 Social Protection Policy of Namibia
5 Ministry industrialisation And Trade National
6 National School feeding programme M&E plan National
7 National rural development policy National
8 National Anti corruption strategy And Action plan E version National
9 UN Resident Coordinator's Remarks on the launch of NDP 6
10 NPC institutional charter National
11 Food and Nutrition Implementation Plan National
12 Summary of the Social Contracting policy MOHSS
13 Ministry of Home Affairs Safety and Security National
14 Models to promote collaboration between Government and CSO's International
15 National Disability Council Act National
16 National school feeding programme reference manual International
17 Water and Sanitation Policy
18 National youth Council Act National
19 Language policy for schools in Namibia National
20 Basic Education Act National
21 National Housing Policy
22 National Gender Policy National
23 Social Contracting for Health Services Policy National
24 National Safe school framework introduction National
25 Models to Promote Collaboration Working Paper International
26 Fill the nutrient Gap recommendations National
27 National Dialogue lessons learned National
28 National Health Strategy on HIV/AIDs International
29 Nationally Determined contributions National
30 National Technical And Vocational Policy International
31 Country Annual report from UNICEF on Namibia International
32 Harambee Prosperity 11 National
33 National curriculum on the basic education National
34 Prime minister's Statement of Ndp6 launch
35 White paper on the formulation of NDP 6 National
36 Ministry of Health And Social Services National
37 Newsletter of the Ministry of Gender 2021-2022 National
38 Youth Empowerment Promotion Policy
39 Food and Nutrition Implementation Plan National
40 Decentralisation Policy National
41 Sector policy on inclusive education